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Here at PLR S.O.S. we will focus on the same high quality content as we do at Piggy Makes Bank but with smaller content bundles at a low cost. Even a brand new entrepreneur can see a huge ROI.

It’s an easy sell and a quick commission. As our affiliate, you make 50% of each sale and we anticipate customers coming back for more of this awesome (if we do say so ourselves) PLR frequently, which means more commissions for you in the long run.

These smaller packs are perfect to create opt-ins, content upgrades, or various other pieces of content to help your audience grow their list and engage their communities.

To make it quick and easy to implement, the PLR SOS packs will consist of about 10 articles along with supporting materials.

Each piece of the pack was created to work seemlessly together. That said, they are just as effective when used separately. In other words, your customers can mix, match, and repurpose to their heart’s content.


  • $14.95 until February 15, 2021
  • $17 Full price starting February 16, 2021

Take A Gander At The Sales Page:

Growth Mindset PLR Pack

This Pack Includes:

Growth Mindset PLR Pack

  • 10 Articles

Growth Mindset Articles

  • 10 Emails

Growth Mindset Emails

  • 7 Canva Templates with PDFs and instructions on how to edit them in Canva.


We’ll send you a 50% commission for every sale referred and then follow up with the customers you send our way with related offers – and you get commissions on those as well…for life.

Here’s how our affiliate program works and why it’s much better than regular old cookies.

We don’t rely on regular old cookies when we’re inviting affiliates to share our products (including any of our free stuff). Instead what happens is this. You send someone our way and they download one of our PLR packs. To do that they will give their name and email address like any other download. But what happens is that our shopping cart creates a customer contact for this person and your affiliate ID is permanently attached to this customer if they are new to our system.

And as we follow up with our customers and prospects, they end up buying a PLR pack, and another, and another… and each time that happens, no matter if it’s 2 hours after you send them our way or two years down the road, you get the commission. The only time this changes is if they click another affiliate’s link – then for that sale only, the referring affiliates gets the sale.

For the next sale, as long as they don’t click another affiliate’s link, and since this is a permanent database entry instead of a cookie, it doesn’t matter what computer or digital device they use to order. You still get the commission. I think you’ll agree it’s a pretty cool “super cookie”.

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